Paparazzi : «A youth star Sofia Berg has recorded a duet with Geegun»

Despite her young age, Sofia Berg is already a wonderful tv host and a talented singer. 
She hosts a show «cartoon review» on tv channel «Carousel», records songs and acts in video clips. 
By now the artist already has videos for the songs «Not a baby», «Mommy» and «My dear lovely brother». And the last composition «I will» was recorded together with a rapper Geegun. 
Working with the popular rapper was a surprise for Sofia. She found out who was going to be her partner only right before the video shooting itself. 
Working in a team with Geegun went really good. 
We were discussing everything. If he didn’t like something, then we changed something, and if I didn’t – changed it too. I really enjoyed the shooting because we were working as one team and there were no such moments, when someone would start arguing, because of wanting something for their own. Everything was rationally discussed and in the end we had a common opinion. – Sofia said after the video had already appeared on the network. 
And also the young star speaks three languages, loves to draw and is engaged in equestrian sports.