Premiere! Sofia Berg - Friendship. Our every friend is a unique planet

Our every friend is a unique planet in the universe. Now, when we are truly missing live communication, I decided to create a song, dedicated to the one of the most crucial things in life of any human being – friendship. I want to share with you some of the inspiring examples of friendship, that went through the years!
– Selena Gomez’s best friend – Francia Raisa saved her life by giving her kidney. After going through the hard times together, Selena has won an award «Woman of the year» and gave it to her friend. 
– Billie Eilish has gained worldwide fame with help of her best friend and a brother-musician Finneas. Guys are very close and friendly since early childhood, and now they write global hits in the Finneas’s nursery – together, as always. 
– Harry Potter’s actors are still friends and keep in touch after 20 years since the beginning of film shooting! A magic story turned into real life. 
– Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio are friends for more than 26 years already. Leo even lead her to the altar. 
– Famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo owes his career and success to his friend Albert.
I look up to such stories, and they convince me even more that friendship is capable of anything! I really hope that you will like my new song! Tell me about your friends in the comments! Authors of the 5 most interesting and touching stories will receive special prizes from me! The song is available on all digital platforms. The instrumental for a song «Friendship» is available in the «Backing tracks» section.