Sofia Berg: biography - Sofia Berg - singer, blogger, TV presenter. Official site.

Name: Sofia Berg

Birthday: October 28, 2010 (9 years old)

Place of birth: Moscow

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Eastern horoscope: Tiger


There are children who literally illuminate the world with their inner light and truly childish wisdom. Gifted with talent, they bring positive to others, hope for the best and generously share the warmth of their souls with people. Nine-year-old singer, blogger and TV presenter Sofia Berg is just such a child.

“The world around us begins inside each of us. What it will be depends only on the person. It is important to realize how valuable the time we spend with our family and friends is. ” Sofia Berg


“My first performance in the big hall was opened with one of my favorite compositions“ Dad”, – says Sofia. – We recorded it in the studio three years ago, I prepared this song as a gift for the anniversary of my beloved dad. It is special for me, and not only because this is my first composition, but because of the sincerity and love that I put into it”.

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In 2017, the composition “Dad” was included in the rotation of “Children’s Radio” and in just a few months entered the radio station’s hit parade. In the same year, Sofia Berg performed her second song – “148 Princes”. The hit was created with the assistance of the famous composer, music producer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Viktor Drobysh. One of the members of the trio was Lida Drobysh, the composer’s daughter.

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Лидия, Анжелика, София — 148 принцев

Sofia dedicated two music tracks to her family – “Mom” and “My dear brother“. In the video “Brother”, her real twin brother Daniel played with Sofia. The authors of the video organized filming on the track of the Myachkovo autodrome, on the ADM Raceway auto track. In the story, Daniel is rapidly accelerating with Sofia on a racing kart along the track, and then plays for his sister on a drum kit. It is noteworthy that the clip “Mama” was filmed with a standard smartphone camera.


One of the most popular compositions of Sofia Berg “Not a baby“, which made the girl famous, was released in 2019. Not having had time to appear in the YouTube space, the hit almost instantly gained over 9 million views, catching up in popularity with the “adult” hit “Hooked” by Alexander Revva, acting under the stage name Artur Pirozhkov. The role of the school teacher in the video was played by Sofia’s mother. Today “Not Baby” continues to conquer Russian musical spaces and the hearts of young music lovers.

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София Берг в клипе «Не малышка»

Moreover, one of the leading Japanese PR companies in Tokyo, in cooperation with Sophia Berg, has launched an author’s set of stickers “Not a baby” on sale. Despite the fact that the kit was developed and launched by Japanese designers for the internal school audience, more than 100 thousand boys and girls use it in Russia.

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София Берг — исполнительница хита «Не малышка»

2019 has become especially fruitful in the work of Sofia. After the resounding success of “Not Baby”, the young performer starred with rapper Djigan in the clip “I Will”, which gained more than 10 million views on YouTube. Until now, it is in the top rotation of the leading Russian music channels, among which are EuropaPlusTV, Zhara TV, Muz-TV.

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София Берг feat. Джиган — Я буду


Even before the start of her solo career, the young star was noticed by the singer Valeria. In 2018, she invited Sofia to perform on the big stage of the Zhara music festival. It was on this site that Valeria decided to organize her “Creative Evening”. In a duet with the people’s artist, Sofia performed the composition “You are mine”, which did not leave indifferent any of the audience in the hall.

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It should be noted that Sofia already had considerable stage experience before the festival in Baku. Earlier, she performed with triumph in the “Creative evening of Viktor Drobysh”, as well as in the program “Christmas with Grigory Leps”, which took place in 2018 at the Crocus City Hall. In “Crocus” dancers of the famous show ballet “Todes” by Alla Dukhova took the same stage with Sofia. There, the girl met Yegor Creed, one of her favorite pop singers, who gave her an autograph as a souvenir.


2020 was also an eventful year for Sofia Berg – she took part in the “Big Christmas Party”, which was broadcast on Channel One. In the same year, the young pop star first performed the English-language song “Heaven” to her own verses. It so happened that the release of “Heaven” coincided with the self-isolation regime introduced in Russia due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, the girl promoted the single “remotely”, while sharing her tips on Instagram on how to have fun and usefully spend time at home.

I composed the poems for “Heaven” myself. This is my first experience in performing English-language tracks. In this work, I talk about the fact that true friendship is beyond any boundaries created by people. Today, when we are locked in our houses and listen to alarming reports about the spread of the coronavirus, I invite each of us to come to the window, look up into the sky and say to ourselves: “Everything will be fine!”


In the same spring, another single by Sofia was released – the song “Friendship”, so beloved by many radio listeners. This video was based on several stories of world celebrities who were able to carry their friendship through many years. The video has collected over 1 million views on YouTube.

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София Берг — Дружба

Because of the epidemic, when we so lack live communication, I wanted to sing about the main thing. For example, about real friendship. The world is full of examples of true, selfless relationships! Francia Rice, the best friend of Selena Gomez, donated a kidney for the singer, thereby saving her from death. Becoming a nominee for the “Woman of the Year” award, Selena without a doubt immediately gave this title to Francia, with whom she shares her joys and sorrows almost all her life. In many ways, with her triumph on the world musical Olympus, Billie Eilish is grateful to her best friend – her brother Finneas. The actors who played in the Harry Potter saga, despite the fact that the first shooting took place twenty years ago, are still friends and support each other in difficult situations. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have been friends for over 30 years. Stories like these show that true friendship can do anything! I would like to hope that people will like my song “Friendship”, said Sofia.


In addition to recording new tracks and concert performances, Sofia manages to maintain an author’s blog on Instagram and work on television. In particular, on the TV channel Karusel she was the host of the popular program Good Morning, Kids!

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София Берг в программе «С добрым утром, малыши!»

Sofia has over 150 thousand subscribers on Instagram, and 40 thousand fans on YouTube. In Viber, the girl has the largest children’s community, which has more than 80 thousand members. Almost every day, children contact Sofia on Viber to have fun chatting with the young star, share their experiences and joys, play, talk about recipes for delicious dishes.


Sofia loves animals very much. For several years now she has been passionate about equestrian sports, seriously practicing in the arena. Mom instilled in Sofia a love not only for horses, but also for other animals. At home, the girl has a wavy parrot, several dogs and a pony, with whom she takes riding lessons. The girl does not forget to help homeless animals. Together with her mother, Sofia participates in volunteer activities, supporting animal shelters with all her might.

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