: «Sofia Berg told about herself and future plans.»

Despite her young age Sofia Berg is already a wonderful tv host and a gifted vocalist. 
she manages to host a «Cartoon review» show on the TV channel «Carousel», record tracks, and also to act in videos. 
At the moment, the artist already has videos for the songs «Not a baby», «Mommy», «My dear lovely brother» and «I will». The song «I will» is recorded in collaboration with a rapper Geegun and tells us how important it is to value every moment of life. The artist shares her wishes and dreams – she strives to be the best. During the interview Sofia Berg spoke about herself, about her life and shared the further plans. 
Sofia, you are still so young, please tell why do you like to sing? When did you start practicing vocals and developing these abilities in yourself? 
I love singing. It seems to me, that it is the thing, that can open a whole life to a person. I haven’t studied vocals. These abilities need to be developed. It it vital to believe in yourself and follow your instincts. 
Tell us, do you like to study? Which subjects and why? 
I really like to study. I’ve transferred to another school and there teachers perceive me like an adult. Most of all, I like to learn history, because it is interesting – to learn about the world you live in. 
Do you speak two languages? Or even more? Which one do you prefer the most? 
I speak three languages : Russian, English and French. The most of all I like to speak English. 
A question about shooting a video for the song «I will». How did you manage to go through such a long shooting? Tell your impressions about this stage of your creative career. 
I’ve gone through it, because I’ve known that it was going to be very difficult. And I can overcome myself by doing this. I’ve just believed in myself and that’s all. I was very impressed by the video shooting. It is so cool to act in a video clip. 
Besides that you are a very beautiful creative person, what else do you do? Maybe dancing or painting? 
I do figure skating. And the other one of my favorite activities is horse riding. 
What do you like to do the most? How do you spend your free time? 
I’m really fond of drawing. When I have free time, I sometimes play with my brothers and sisters. Read interesting books, which I have at home, and also I do mathematics or spend time with parents. 
Please tell, how did you get to know Geegun? How did you come to a creative collaboration? 
I haven’t met Geegun before. I didn’t even know that I would have a clip with him. I was told to to arrive at the video shoot and that’s it. I can only say one thing : he is very kind, good and funny. 
Where exactly have you met? 
On the set of the video clip 
What was your impression of speaking to him? 
He is very kind, nice and cheerful 
All the children love sweets. What are your favorite foods and drinks? 
Well, yeah, I like sweet things, but I don’t really like something too sweet. My favorite dish is, probably, Buratta. 
Do you have a hobby, some kind of a favorite thing to do? And why? 
Painting, equestrian sports and some other different things. 
I love equestrian sport because you can control your horse. You know her more than anybody else, because you yourself ride on it. My mother is also into riding horses. And I like painting because it develops the ability to control yourself and keeps and to stay calm. 
Who do you wanna become when you grow up? 
I have a lot of different things in my future plans. I like doing many things, but two of them are the most important to me : equestrian sport and singing. But I’ve already thought about making singing – my professional occupation, and keep equestrianizm as a hobby. 
What would you like to achieve as a professional singer? How do you see it? 
To achieve something that would make people see that they can do anything if they really desire to. 
Accept our congratulations with the premiere of the video «I will», and tell, how and where did the video shoot go and how is it to work in a team with Geegun? 
Working in a team with Geegun went very well. We were discussing everything. If he didn’t like something, then we changed something, and if I didn’t – changed it too. I really enjoyed the shooting because we were working as one team and there were no such moments, when someone would start arguing, because of wanting something for their own. Everything was rationally discussed and in the end we had a common opinion. 
In the song you say that all the adults are also children. Is there really a child inside of every adult? Should they let him out? 
Of course they should, if you will be an adult all the time you won’t have that joy you used to have in the childhood. And also you can be the person you were before and just be happy, by simply being yourself. 
How do you see yourself in your adulthood? Do you want to link your life with music? 
It’s not even a topic to discuss! Of course I want to! When I’ll be an adult, I will help the world. People need to use less plastic ; they need to watch what they to to animals ; watch what they do to our mother earth. 
Who instilled the love for music? 
I started attending piano classes. My parents are friends with a composer Victor Drobysh, he has a daughter, by the name of Lida. She is one of my best friends and the first song I did was with her and with one another girl. After the first video clip I realized, that singing is a really cool thing. 
What was the name of the song? 
148 princes 
What songs do you listen to recently? 
Many different songs. Probably, the most I listen to is Elton John, 
You sing and host tv shows. How do you manage to combine all these things with study? 
If you desire to, you will succeed. 
Who helps you with the schedule? 
Please tell what books do you like to read? What is popular among the young generation now? 
I like reading books in English language. I like one particular. It is called «Nina – «the sixth moon girl». This book is really nice, there are many magical backgrounds and many exciting moments. For example, when one hero falls into trouble and the other hero rescues him. This book shows that friendship – is one of the most important things. 
You have a youtube channel that has all of your videos. Are there any plans to create your own blog? If yes, what would be the topic of it? 
I would tell about a lot of things. I would tell about singing, about video clips in which I acted, about how I feel. And one of the most important things – I will tell how the people affect the world. 
How much time do you spend in social networks? 
Not much really. Mom doesn’t allow me to. I don’t have a smartphone yet, though mom sometimes gives me her one.