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“I haven’t released songs for a long time because I couldn’t find any inspiration. I could spend hours sitting in front of a piano and leave with nothing coming to mind. But now I have released a new single «For You»

I have written this composition for my mom to express my gratitude for her love and care, from which I know how wonderful life is. Every time when I need an advice, help, or just feel upset, she’s the first to be there, to listen to me, and often she stands my behaviour in order to help, though I know sometimes it can be tough. So when I noticed that mom needs support, with no second thoughts I sat at the piano with words and music flowing out of me.
For me music is not just a melody…it heals wounds, takes away the sorrow and most importantly – conveys the message, that can’t be said with words.

I hope, all of those, who will listen to the song will understand how important is family, and especially their moms”, – Sofia Berg.

New single «For You» is now available on all streaming platforms.
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