Cosmopolitan : Geegun presented a new video with a little girl

Popularrapper and singer Geegun is not going to stop making his fans happy with new hits. This time he presented a new video for the song «I will», which he performed in a duet with a little girl Sofia Berg.

Singer’s fans were surprised and even started to speculate : whose child is this? 
Geegun, who has recently pleased the fans with the new album «Edge of paradise», today has introduced another hit. The Singer recorded a track and a video for the song «I will» together with a little girl Sofia Berg. Followers on the web immediately started trying to find out : whose child is this? Some of them even assumed, that this baby girl – is Geegun’s daughter. 
«Geegun’s another child???», «Wow, a child, but not from Samoylova», «Whose child is this???» – they keep on asking in the comments. Also the followers have noticed, that the song «I will» contains a deep meaning. It tells us how important it is to value every moment of our lives. Baby Berg shares her dreams, her desire to grow up and be the best. Geegun, as a true wise father, advices the child to always stay true to herself, appreciate the close ones and be capable of loving. The duet turned out to be quite harmonious and many fans admitted that «I Will» is one of the the most powerful works of an artist. 
By the way, the followers also found out, who is – Sofia Berg. As It turned out, the girl – is a talented and young vocalist, who already has more than one track in her piggy bank.