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The young singer Sofia Berg has already managed to fall in love with the public with her work with GeeGun, the video for the joint song “I Will” has gained more than 10 million views on the YouTube video hosting, the English-language singles “Heaven” and “Rock The World”, which were in the rotation of many radio stations, as well as the video for the solo composition “Not Baby”. And that’s not all of the achievements! Despite such a young age, Sofia performed at the Muz-TV concert in the Kremlin State Palace, became the host of a special project on the Karusel TV channel, and delighted fans with a duet with singer Valeriya!

Today the premiere of the new song “Dreams” took place, after listening to which you will definitely immerse yourself in a fairy-tale world with all its attributes: beautiful princesses, majestic castles, magical atmosphere and, of course, great pure love!

The characters of the lyric video for the composition are absolutely unique and were drawn from scratch by a professional artist, after which they were introduced into 2D animation, the work done immerses the viewer into an incredible fairy-tale world.

The story is not devoid of depth and morality; in the best traditions of classic fairy tales, the heroes overcome difficulties on their way and build their own happiness on their own.

In our difficult times, it is sometimes so pleasant to let go of all worries and for a few minutes imagine yourself as the hero of a story with a happy ending, which we suggest you do right now!

The song is available on all digital platforms!

Music – Alex Davia
Song lyrics – Danu Bojan